Eonia Diamond



The Eonia Diamond® is neither a mined nor lab grown diamond. It is something uniquely different, it is something more.

The Eonia Diamond is a composite stone that utilises the most advanced CVD diamond technology. Eonia Diamonds are engineered through a patented process whereby pure diamond is grown directly onto the proprietary core. What is created is a unified crystalline gemstone that truly rivals the brilliance of the finest diamonds.

The Eonia Diamond® tests positive for diamond, and confirms the same spike (1,330cm-1) as diamond on Raman Spectroscopy.

  • Visually matches the highest grade natural and created diamonds
  • Equally as hard as diamond (rates 9.95-10 on the MOHS scale as calculated by the Vickers Hardness test)
  • Each stone is cut & polished by hand by expert diamond cutters
  • Is 30% tougher than diamond, therefore less likely to chip, crack and show wear and tear over time
  • Has the same setting process as diamond but because it is tougher, has virtually no cleaving issues common to natural and created diamonds
  • Is cost-consciously positioned to reinvigorate interest and purchase power in the diamond industry through ethical and eco-friendly production and pricing